karen haynes

I became a counsellor in my early forties, having spent 20 years working in Banking and finance and the health industries. This means that I am able to bring a wealth of life experience to my counselling work, which I believe is very important for a counsellor. I currently have a private practice in Leigh-on-Sea and Southend-on-Sea in Essex and work as a Counsellor in a Secondary School. I also workwit h ex-offenders and addicts with the 12 step program. I work for a large mental health charity and run my own charity as well Supervising other counsellors. Trained in most kinds of counselling (integratively) I am to offer a full range of counselling techniques.


If you would like to consider counselling please contact me to talk about things further. I look forward to hearing from you.



  • Certificate in Counselling Supervision

  • Practitioners Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • AQA Level 5 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

  • AQA Certificate in counselling skills


Accredited Member of the National Counselling SocietyI am a BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) member Counsellor/Psychotherapist (www.bacp.co.uk).

I work within the BACP’s Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Nicholas Earl

I am a professional Counsellor and Therapist, welcoming anyone seeking to help change their lives and improve upon their mental and spiritual well being. I have spent a considerable amount of time working with individuals to help them break the cycle of addiction and specialize in this area of work. Because of the complex nature of addiction issues I work well with a number of other complex issues and hope that my style of therapy will suite you.

I work intergratively with different therapies on a one to one basis and will help design and implement a unique therapy suited toward my clients needs.

I adhere to the BACP statute of ethical practice, which can be found here (www.bacp.co.uk).

Therapy can be delivered on a one to one basis, couples or in groups depending on the client’s specific need. This can be arranged at time of assessment.

Please note that before a client can begin therapy, I am professionally obliged to carry out an initial assessment to determine how to work with them safely.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Levels 1-5 integrative counselling

  • Addiction

  • Trauma related issues

  • Relationships

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Phobias

  • Family dynamics


Sometimes life gets hard, and it can be difficult to reach out, this may be due to fear, or embarrassment, or maybe just because we’re not sure who will listen. It’s easy to get advice, most people are willing to give us that, but sometimes we need something more.

Counselling provides a safe place to unload your worries and concerns, a place where you can be truly heard and understood, a place of empathy and non-judgement, a place that is focussed solely on YOU. A place where you can be supported whilst you work through your ‘stuff’.

The following poem portrays my own beliefs about what being a therapist means for me;

A Medicine Woman’s Prayer

I will not rescue you,

For you are not powerless.

I will not fix you,

For you are not broken.

I will not heal you,

For I see you, in your wholeness.

I will walk with you through your darkness

As you remember your light.

(author unknown)


I believe in working holistically, encompassing the whole client, psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I do not believe a person is their diagnosis, or their problems, instead I prefer to focus on the person as a unique individual with life experiences. My role is to support them as they find ways to live with, manage or overcome any issues they may be experiencing.


I believe in person centred care, which places each and every client at the centre of their care.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked in the care industry for over 28 years, in various settings from, elderly care to working with long term institutionalised mental health care. I believe that this has afforded me with a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with people, and the ability to build effective working therapeutic relationships


I am an integrative counsellor, utilising Person-Centred Therapy, DBT, Transactional Analysis, CBT, Existential Therapy, Solution Focussed Therapy, and Feminist Therapy,  which are adapted to each client. I am also LGBT aware, trauma informed and multiculturally aware. This means that you receive therapy tailored for you and your needs.


I predominantly work with Personality Disorders (EUPD or BPD, ASPD, APD, OCPD etc) but I also have experience working with, addiction, ADHD, domestic abuse, trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, kleptomania, hoarding, and self-harm.

My Qualifications

Foundation Degree in Counselling.

BA Hons in Humanistic and Existential Counselling.


Additional training:

  • GDPR Awareness

  • Working with Personality Disorders (KUF)

  • Working with suicide and self-harm

  • Working with depression

  • Hoarding for front line workers

  • Advanced trauma training.

  • Level 3 Diploma in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

  • Level 1,2 &3 Safeguarding