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We believe that each client requires an individual and tailored counselling approach. I work in a warm, confidential and non-judgemental manner and by us working together I would like to help you find some understanding and meaning in your life to help you move forward. If you would like to consider counselling please contact me to talk about things further.

Once we really understand what is happening and why, then we can begin to address it. Our work will be centred around you and your personal situation, and can involve looking at issues such as time management, workload and work-life balance, through to learning deep relaxation approaches, positive and effective psychological coping techniques, developing a stress-free mind set and more.


Many issues can be caused through personal, family, relationships, lifestyle or work or environmental issues both past and present, or concerns about the future. There are also times when it is difficult to identify why or where these unhelpful or worrying feelings are coming from.


At Colourful Minds we think it is important to tailor our approach to the needs of the individual as I do not believe that one approach is appropriate for everyone. I offer a mindfulness program if required and a range of alternative health coaching, I have a holistic approach to health.

We deal with any of the issues including;

Our contactable hours via phone are: Anytime, however, if unavailable please leave a message with your contact number and a convenient time to contact you.
Our working hours are subject to availability and include weekends.


We offer an initial consultation free of charge and with no obligation to explain ways in which I may be able to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Individual sessions, which last 60 minutes.

Although we do work with clients in one-off sessions, we typically find 6 sessions works most effectively which allows us to explore different techniques and makes sure you can apply them effectively. Reductions are available for multiple bookings.

However, I am also aware that money problems can also be a key cause of stress, and wouldn't want people to be prevented from tackling their stress because of finances. In cases of genuine financial hardship, special rates may be available.


I provide a professional and confidential counselling service in Leigh-on-Sea & Southend-on-Sea.



My approach creates synergy between your values and goals without ever compromising your wellbeing. True success comes from finding balance and owning your power, and I help my clients to find it, master it and go supersonic, so they can take it wherever it is they want to go.




Various addictions packages designed to help you discover the road to recovery


Duration Depending on package

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